Entire Project Procurement Solutions

Buy lighting direct and have an expert in your corner to manage costs and submittals.

Campus and Corporate Asset Management

Manage your inventory and be your single source for all lighting needs across campus.

Energy Retrofit and Technology Upgrades

Let us help you make the most of energy rebates and new technology.

As the lighting industry becomes more digitized it has become much more complex.  There are thousands of manufacturers available making budget and design decisions best left to lighting professionals.  When considering the complexity of LED lighting and modern control systems the task of evaluating systems can get beyond many contractors and distributors.

We have worked with many responsible and intelligent electrical contractors over the years.  However, the fact remains that there is a temptation by some contractors and distributors to put additional profit ahead of the needs of the project.   At LPS we work on a cost+ basis depending upon the size and needs of the project.  Our goal is to build trust and relationships as we pioneer “a better way to light”.

At Lighting Procurement Solutions we want to make the process of buying lighting easier while saving you money.  We leverage modern technology to minimize costs as compared to the traditional contractor/distributor model.  We handle all submittals, client interaction and budgeting, then negotiate low rates with distributors and warehouses as needed for receipt of materials, staging and deliveries.